• What is Oyomoney.in ?
    • We provide best Recharge & bill payment services. Our focus is to create an innovative channel that can deliver more for less to the Indian consumer. We don't just make the process of recharging and bill payment convenient we also work on customer satisfaction and while we're at it, our super efficient and professionally sound team makes sure our customers are 100% satisfied. Oyomoney.in is not a warrantor, insurer, or guarantor of the services to be provided by the Any Company. Recharge sold by us to you is sold without recourse against us for any breach of contract by the Any Company. Any disputes regarding the quality, minutes provided, cost, expiration, or other terms of the Recharge purchased must be handled directly between You (or the recipient of the Recharge) and the Any Company.
    • Who can use Oyomoney.in services ?
    • The services are not available to persons under the age of 18 or to anyone previously suspended or removed from the services by Oyomoney.in. By accepting these Terms & Conditions or by otherwise using the Services or the Site, You represent that You are at least 18 years of age and have not been previously suspended or removed from the Services. You represent and warrant that you have the right, authority, and capacity to enter into this Agreement and to abide by all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. You shall not impersonate any person or entity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent identity, age or affiliation with any person or entity.
    • How to load Money to my Oyomoney.in credits?
    • Website:- In ordr to use the Service, You may need to click on 'Profile' & there you can add Balance to your credits using our Payment processing system.
      Android App:- In order to use the service, you may need to click on “My Account” & there you can add Balance into your Oyomoney.in credits using our Payment processing system.
    • Can I edit my personal information?
    • Yes, you can. You can login to your account at any point in time and edit any of the information in the personal details section. You can also change your email id, Contact No. and password.
    • Do I need to fill my full details?
    • It is mandatory for every registered user to provide details like full name and mobile number due to strict regulations by our payment processing company and Banks. Rest assured these details are highly confidential and stored in a very secure manner in our database. Your account security is our top concern and priority.
    • I don't remember my password. How do I proceed?
    • On the Login page, there is a "Forget Password" link. You can get password to your registered mail-Id by submitting your registered email & Mobile No. in forgot password Panel.
    • I can't login to my account?
    • If you are facing difficulty in logging into your panel, it could be due to the following reasons: Credentials could be wrong. Your account must have been deactivated if you have not given correct Email-Id and Mobile number. Kindly logout of your Oyomoney.in account and re-login. There must be a blank space in your email id or password field. Forget Your Password: You can get password to your registered mail by submitting your registered email & Mobile No. in forgot password Panel.
    • How to recharge online using Oyomoney.in website?
    • You can Recharge your prepaid mobile, DTH, data card and Bill payment online using Oyomoney.in website by registering with us sharing few of your information with us within no time saving your precious time and money to make life simpler in today fast moving world.
    • How do I recharge my pre-paid mobile/DTH/Data Card service?
    • In order to recharge your pre-paid mobile/DTH/Data Card service, you need to register with Oyomoney.in first. Registration is a simple process; you just need to fill a small form providing us with your contact number, email id and password. As soon as you have successfully completed this procedure, you can proceed recharge your pre-paid mobile, DTH and Data Card services.
    • How long does a Recharge take?
    • Most Recharges happen within a couple of minutes after a successful payment. However, there are exceptional cases where it might take Service Providers up to 2 hours to process the Recharge.
    • Do you charge extra fees for Recharges?
    • Absolutely not! We do not charge any extra fees at all.
    • What do I do if the Recharge is not successful?
    • Sometimes service providers / operators face technical issues and they are not able to process Recharges successfully.
      In case your transaction has failed, we will display the reason for the same. You could have entered an incorrect number or an incorrect amount to recharge.
      In case our transaction is pending, please wait for a while. Sometimes, it takes the Service Providers up to 2 hours to process Recharges.
    • What happens after a transaction is successful?
    • A transaction is successful, you will get the benefits, You will see the history in order & Wallet Panel.

    • What happens if the Recharge is successful but I do not receive it?
    • Service Providers / Operators generally process your Recharge immediately and you will receive the Recharge instantly; however, in exceptional cases where you do not receive the Recharge in a couple of minutes, please note that it may take the Service Providers /Operators up to 2 hours to process Recharges.
      In case you do not receive the Recharge after 2 hours, please get in touch with us info@oyomoney.in , don’t worry, in case you do not receive your recharge, your money will be refunded back to you (through the same online mode in 10-12 business days)
    • The transaction says Under Process. What do I do?
    • Under Process means that your recharges are in line to be processed by your Service Provider / Operator. As soon as your recharge is processed, we will update the status (Successful or Failed) depending on the response of the Service Provider / Operator.
      In case your transaction status changes to Failed, your money will be refunded back to you.
    • My account has been debited, but the transaction failed. What do I do?
    • Don’t worry, your money will be refunded.
    • How to claim for the refund in case of an unsuccessful transaction?
    • If your recharge is unsuccessful and money is debited from your account, the amount will be refund to your oyomoney.in credits.
    • My money’s neither in my Oyomoney.in Credits nor in my bank account?
    • In some rare cases, it takes your bank’s online system longer than usual to respond. In this case please write to us at info@oyomoney.in or send your Query through our Customer support with your order number, we will do our best to help you.
    • Whom to contact if I don't get my refund for unsuccessful transaction?
    • You will get the Refund Amount, if any such case happens, send us the details through our customer support panel.